Mallard Duck Hunts (Due to COVID 19 we have closed our Duck Hunting Season for 2020-2021)

Hawkins Ridge Lodge offers preserve Mallard Duck hunting. The hunts take place out of blinds over flooded corn and grain fields. Decoys will be placed in the ponds and our guides will call in the ducks. If you like fast action in the field there is nothing like watching hundreds of mallards pouring into well manicured duck ponds at daylight. Our ducks are raised in the wild not in flight pens this is the most realistic way to assure a quality hunt. Hawkins Ridge furnishes guides and well trained retrievers. You can bring your own retriever if you wish. Hunters will be allowed to take five mallards on these hunts, but will be allowed to add addition ducks if they wish. Accommodations for overnight guest can be arranged in advance. See our price page for details.


Alabama Mallard Duck Hunting at Hawkins Ridge Lodge

Call Craig Hawkins at (334) 695-2258